Your vote matters!

by Michael Munoz/

Today is November 6, 2018, and it is a very important day. General elections are happening today, and the stakes are high.

Your vote matters. Why? The Republican party currently controls the U.S. Senate, owning 51 seats while the Democrats have 49. Every two years the members of the House of Representatives are up for election. Every 6 years the senate goes up for re-election. This means that one third of the sSenate is up for reelection every 2 years as well as the entire House of Representatives; 35 seats for the Senate and all 435 seats for the House.

Trump and both the House and Senate have slowly been working together to complete his agenda. If you want Trump to keep his promises and complete his goals, then you will probably want to vote Republican. If you don’t agree with Trump’s goals, then you will likely want to vote Democratic. It will be much more difficult for Trump to accomplish his goals if the Democratic Party takes control of the House, Senate, or both.

PC seniors have also shared an interest in voting. Out of 31 total responses from a survey of the senior class, 16 were 18 years old and eligible to vote. Of those eligible, 15 plan on voting. Senior Ellie Natelborg is one of those 15. “I believe every vote counts,” she said. “Maybe the same people would be elected whether someone chooses to vote or not, but it definitely still matters, and I don’t think we should take for granted the freedom we have to be able to have a say in who our leaders are.”

Senior Nathan De Bruin has a different approach to voting. “I know that me not voting can have a huge negative impact. My vote can make a difference on who gets elected for our local government which affects us greatly,” he said.

For those that live in Pella, voting takes place at the Pella Legion Hall located on 829 Broadway Street. Live in Newton? You can vote at the Jasper County Church of Christ on 1813 1st Street North. Polling in Oskaloosa takes place at the Old Grant School building on 1816 North 3rd Street. Didn’t list your city? Go to Google and click on the giant words that say “Go Vote.” From there you can simply type in your home address and receive directions on where to vote. All polling stations close at 9 pm.

It’s important to exercise this freedom of voting and vote for those who have the same values as you do. Like Senior Brianna Jansen said, “If every person decided not to vote, there would be a massive problem in our government, so I believe it is my responsibility to my country and fellow like-minded people to vote for who I think would be the best person to fill the role.”

Today is election day, so go out and vote.

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