Well-rounded Basketball team wins first game against ADM

by Michael Muñoz



Basketball season has officially arrived, and the team is stronger than ever. With 14 guys on varsity, head coach Larry Hessing believes that the team’s greatest strength is depth. “We have a lot of good players,” he said.”We have a lot of talented players at each position.” Seems to be true, as the Eagles won their first game against ADM 59-50.


Senior Jayden Huisman agrees that they have a very versatile team. “Honestly we have three guys who could play point guard,” he said.


Returning players have learned to work well together. “We’re coming into this year with a lot more experience, and I believe we have become more of a unit,” said senior Jake Pringle.


One major concern for the team is getting healthy and staying healthy, especially after seeing the football team struggle with injuries. With 14 players on the team, another challenge is chemistry. ”We need to be a team, not individuals and be able to accept our roles,” said Huisman.


Even though there is some strong competition in the Little Hawkeye conference, the team is optimistic.  “Our conference is really tough and I think we can pull out some upsets,” said junior Ryan Vande Haar.


Coach Hessing’s theme for the season, “Compete every day,” applies to both basketball and everyday life. “We try to remind our athletes to work hard every day, and find joy in what they are doing in play and practice,” he said.

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