Student Tweets

by Mary Kate Bandstra /

THE DOME was the best place to end. Thank you football players for representing our school & making us proud. Thank you students & fans for coming out every week. Thank you cheerleaders for your joy. SENIORS-it was a historic & memorable ride! Praise be to God. B-ball up next – @PCSSHype / PC Student Section

it’s officially “leave the house 5 minutes earlier so you can scrape your windshield” season – @ClaireMillyyy / senior Claire Milligan


Bring back 2000s country music please – @cameron_vanderwal / junior Cameron Vander Wal

A convo at the dinner table:
Ella : Dad, when can I have a boyfriend?
Dad : You can’t have a boyfriend until Mary Kate does.
Ella : So I’m never having a boyfriend -@hey_its_maryyyy / senior Mary Kate Bandstra

It’s just becomes a habit to skip the first piece of bread that’s like 95% crust – @siepleima / junior Sierra Pleima

It all starts tomorrow (basketball) – brett_roose / senior Brett Roose

Stop worrying about it. God’s got this – @rrebeccabassett / sophomore Rebecca Bassett

I took such a long nap after school today, my mom woke me up by asking me if I was okay – @advandermolen / sophomore Adrienne Vander Molen

I was playing football on Friday night, and the tight end across from me kept asking, “X-Box or PS4, dude? We should play Fortnite sometime.”
Seriously, bro. I only play Minecraft.
Fortnite is too violent.
I was homeschooled.#homeschoollyfe #mineallnight -@adkison_josh / senior Josh Adkison

Why did Kiki become so popular from Drake’s In My Feelings song but not K.B., Resha, and J.T.? Poor gals 🙁 – @Jtight13 / junior Jack Vermeer

To the Dome!!! Thanks for playing Bellevue #cheeseon3 – @BlakeVeenstra / junior Blake Veenstra


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