Intro to Business class raises money for Kiva charity

by Mary Kate Bandstra /

Students in the Intro to Business class help sell items like cinnamon rolls, cookies, and breakfast pizza.

Does someone smell breakfast pizza? Fresh cookies? Donut holes? For one week, the students at PCHS had the chance to satisfy their hunger during break with these types of food, all thanks to the Intro to Business class. Mainly due to the 22 breakfast pizzas sold, the 5th hour Intro to Business class got a taste of running a real business, bringing in over $600 in profit.

Business teacher Keith Anderson thought of a way to incorporate the entire student body, a real life business idea, and an opportunity to donated all of the profit earned to Kiva, a nonprofit organization that provides microloans to small businesspeople around the world. “I  was looking for a real activity that fit into the current unit we are covering regarding small businesses. Also it was something that fit into Pella Christian’s Teaching for Transformation Formational Learning Experience project that we were challenged to implement this semester,” said Anderson.

The entire Intro to Business class got on board with this hands on experience. The class was split up into different groups: pricing, poster making, and social media advertising. Putting their brains together, each group of students came up with creative, effective ways to put together their own business opportunity. “We decided what to sell by assembling a team of 5-6 people to look through ads and find deals that would allow for exceptional profit margins. We also looked for what would appeal to High School Students and what could be bought and sold in bulk,” said junior Kody Jansen. The hallways were flooded with posters, the bookstore was filled with inventory, and the students were filled with a desire: to sell.

Sell they did. Students went crazy for this opportunity to chow down on breakfast pizza and cookies at 10AM. Each day in class, Anderson gave the reports of the morning. Throughout the week, tweaks like buying more food and getting transport times down were made by the class to better their sales process. “It was great hearing how much we made each day. You could call it a motivation boost, knowing the profits and strive to get them even higher than the previous day,” said junior TJ Barwegen.

The motivation for profits and success wasn’t just for the Intro to Business class, or even the school. With profits going to Kiva, each student got to research and select a category and person to lend $25. Whether it was helping a Nicaraguan buy pigs or a Cambodian buy fertilizer, the profit from the PCHS Business Simulation is helping out people around the world.

In the end, the Intro to Business class had to opportunity to try something new, and have fun with it too. “It was a great hands on learning project for each of them, but most of all I think they had fun doing it too,” said Anderson. Getting a glimpse at real life business, the students’ eyes were opened to the responsibility and details of running a small business. “I learned a lot about how much thought must go into a business venture, even for one as small as our break food business,” said senior Emma Stravers.

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