Internships provide valuable experience for PC juniors, seniors

by Mary Kate Bandstra/;  Lucas Bandstra/;  Sierra Pleima/

A total of 77 juniors and seniors completed an internship this Winterim, spending 40 hours in various work settings. PC interns got to observe robotic surgeries, lead theatre groups, go on construction sites, and sit in on job interviews. At the end of the two weeks, the students created a final presentation consisting of tasks, takeaways, challenges, and thank you’s.  

Senior Moises Carballo interned at PPI, which hosted several PC students during Winterim.

The first-hand experiences that PC students had in businesses across Iowa, Texas, Arizona, and China are sometimes pivotal for students’ future. Some of the local businesses that welcomed students included Pella Corp, Schuring & Uitermarkt, Pella Police Department, Pella Hosting, and PPI. Students also ventured to out of state internships including junior Maclane Heinen to Texas, senior Lucas Bandstra to Arizona, and senior Xiao Yunqing to China, all who explored a business field there.

Among the most popular internship placements were at various hospitals that hosted twelve students, and Vermeer Corporation that hosted nine. Internships give anyone, especially high school students, a glimpse at having a full time occupation. “I had the opportunity to see a C-section, a natural birth, and a hysterectomy! By doing this internship I found different specialties I want to explore,” said senior Brianna Jansen, who interned at the Pella Hospital.

Interns at Vermeer explored fields ranging from to Engineering to Marketing, and even Business Law. “Learning that businesses need lawyers to keep everything in order and legal was interesting. I really liked the business aspect of my internship, and I feel like God may be calling me to a business setting!” said junior Bryant Agre.  

Being mentored by people from a variety of occupations in an array of places allows a student to question, “Could I do this as a job someday?” “I learned all about business and practical life skills. It was definitely a good experience in that we could see what the ‘real world’ feels like”, said junior Josh Beltman who interned at Vermeer. “The internship also gave me peace because I learned that I don’t have to know the exact job I want to do someday, and that’s ok too.”

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