Winterim offers 26 classes from Aviation to Floral Arranging

by Bella Baugh/ and Brooke Gustafson/

Junior Travis Hol tries out some virtual reality technology during the VR/AR Winterim class lead by Frank Vanden Bosch.

The Winterim program allows students to take classes for seven days in two of 26 classes of their choice. A few of these classes included Worship Band, Floral Arranging, Auto Mechanics, Art on the Edge, and Perk Up Your Life.

Freshman Lydia Zylstra took Nicole Van Wyk’s Perk Up Your Life class.“It was very interesting and I learned a lot about healthy eating and being active,” she said.

“I loved my classes!”said senior Jaden Joy Morgan “I took Granny’s Cooking with (resource teacher) Melinda Nunnikhoven, and I also did Adventures in Realty! I would definitely recommend both classes because they are super fun and you’ll have a great time!”

This year, PC added 5 new classes to the mix. The Aviation class taught students how to fly an airplane. Serving the Greatest Generation and Ancestry were classes that gave students the opportunity to learn about their families histories. Virtual Reality gave students a new perspective on using technology to explore the world and map virtual tours. And Volleyball allowed students to learn how to correctly play the sport while having fun with friends.

“I really enjoyed my first winterim. I took Uke Can Write Music and Serving the Greatest Generation. Both of the classes were fun, and I really learned from them. I learned that age is just a number. It shouldn’t change the way we look at people,” said freshman Kyah Chamberlin.

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