PCHS welcomes three new students

by Olivia Van Kooten


Three new students joined PC this winter: freshman, Charlie Liu, sophomore Katelyn Konfrst, and junior Matheus Arman.

Lui, previously attended Iowa Christian Academy, which closed at the end of the first semester. Lui has adjusted well since being in the PCHS community. “The classmates and teachers are very kind, and the school has given me a very easy way to learn,” Lui said. He hopes to learn more about God while studying here at PCHS. “I was learning (about) God in the original school (ICA), so I want to know more about and learn about God,” he said.



Arman, previously attended Escola Internacional Preparando Gerações  a high school in Brazil, and joined PCHS at the beginning of the second semester because he wanted to do a exchange program to the states. A major difference that Arman has experienced here is that the schedule is the same everyday.  “I am enjoying the people at PCHS; they are very nice. I like the classes here, too. They are very interesting!” Arman said.




Konfrst joined PCHS back in mid-November, a transfer from Pella High. “The biggest change from my old school to PC is definitely the class sizes. At my old school, there was over 800 people total, and about 200 people in each grade,” Katelyn said. She hopes to make new friends and great connections while attending Pella Christian. “I hope that I can make a lot of new friends and connections here as well as just being happy. That’s all I could ever hope for.”

Both Arman, and Konfrst felt kindness and a simple smile go a long way to making new students feel welcome. Arman would appreciate students just “being nice and treating all international students well.” Konfrst expressed a similar feeling.  “Honestly the best thing that people can do is just smile. Every time someone smiles at me in the hall, it makes me feel much more normal and like I belong, which is an amazing feeling,” she said.

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