Students share snow-day activities

by Bethany Spencer//

How did you spend your snow days?

“Sleeping in and playing Sims 4. You can be an astronaut millionaire who lives in a mansion and works out regularly without having to go anywhere. It’s incredible!!” -senior Lindsay Breon


“My favorite way to spend a snow day is relaxing at home, watching a lot of Netflix, and not putting on real shoes.” -senior Chloee Reimer
“Being lazy.”
“I did absolutely nothing. I ate food, watched Netflix, and played Fortnite.” -sophomore Cody Boender

Have you had any winter driving problems? If so, describe.

“When I was a freshman my dad pulled the e-brake on me in the middle of an ice storm. Don’t know why. But he did. And you better believe I aced that test.” -junior Emma Dunsbergen
“Yes…I did a 360 on the highway.” -junior Lizzy Posthuma
“There was one time that the PC parking lot was incredibly slick (like it always is in winter) and I hit a pole freshman year.” -senior Kyle Fynaardt
“I needed to pull my Sequoia after falling off the side of a lane. Never forget to bring a shovel with you during winter–it can seriously save some time.” -senior Nick Stoltzfus

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