Six submissions get ‘one’ ratings in the Three Rivers Writing Competition

by Kaylee Bandstra/

Six out of seven PC students who entered the Three Rivers Writing Competition received one ratings: seniors Abby Ambroson and Kitty Gu, junior Emily Van Beek, sophomores Morgan Meinders and Alisha Collins, and freshman Nia Hoekstra.

Junior Emily Van Beek entered a poem titled “Night Dress.” “Everyone that I shared my poem with told me that I just had to submit it to the contest,” said Van Beek. “I’m not really big on showing people the things I’ve written, mostly because the majority of things I write are really personal, but I’m surrounded by a bunch of people who support me and want others to see what I’ve written too.”

Freshman Nia Hoekstra entered a poem entitled “I Was There Even Then” written from God’s perspective and how He loves us, even if he seems far away. Senior Abby Ambroson entered a poem titled “Wildflower,” which is a part of a poetry series she’s written that compares people she knows to nature. Senior Kitty Gu and sophomores Alisha Collins and Marijka Michmershuizen entered short stories into the competition.

Sophomore Morgan Meinders, who has a passion for writing and will share her writing any chance she gets, entered her poem, “The Wind,” into the competition. “To me it’s both encouraging to my writing career and gives me feedback on what I may need to work on,” said Meinders.

The Three Rivers Writing Competition is open to all students grades kindergarten to twelfth grade. All the first place winners will have their pieces advance to state level. If their piece recieves first place at the state level, they will be recognized and honored in Ames, according to the Iowa Reading Association.

The short stories are available here: Kitty Gu’s “Purple Eyes,” Alisha Collins’ “The Unexpected,” and Marijka Michmershuizen’s “May’s Adventures at Camp.”


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