February Shoutouts!

by Bethany Spencer/betspen19@pceagles.org

The administration needs to be recognized for giving the seniors all these snow days this semester. They’re the real MVP’s. Thanks for having our backs!

Brayton did amazing at the guitar solo in the song “Today is the Day.”

Brett Roose for being amazing and perfect 🙂

Lindsey Jansen, Victoria Cervantes, Lauren Trotter, and Katelyn Vos, thank you for carrying my backpack to all of my classes and for just being good friends to me!

Shoutout to Levi Jansen, because he knows incredibly inventive ways to toss a clementine.

Mr. Engbers and STUCO for Spirit Week. It was a fun week and they did a great job even though it was moved, changed and everything else that happened. The school still showed some awesome spirit and we had a great week!

Shoutout to Iowa’s crazy weather for allowing us to have more snows days!

Thank you Bonnie for lunch, because I love food!

Grace Heap, she has strong knees that managed to hit me in the face and make my nose bleed. It was impressive!

Shoutout to the girls basketball team, I have been sick lately and they sent encouraging notes and have lifted me up during the hard time.

Mira deserves a shoutout for being kind and gentle to everyone always!

Sydney Hooyer for being amazing and so freaking sweet all the freaking time <3

Shout out Cole Webster for not crashing his car yet this winter. Yet…

Blake Veenstra, for lifting at PC again!!!!

Mr. Beekhuizen for POTENTIALLY naming his kid after Keean Cadwell.

Shoutout to Mr. Van Peursem for stealing four month old bubblegum from teenagers!

Parker Schnell, for not being a terribly awful person.

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