Student Tweets

by Mary Kate Bandstra /

“You know you’re an Iowa kid when you get sick of snow days and actually want to be at school…what’s wrong with me?? – senior Ellie Natelborg / @ellienatelborg

“Haven’t gone to Walmart for fun in over a week… starting to get a bit antsy.” – senior Lucas Bandstra‏ / @theluke_b

“Do you ever pull out your phone to check the time just to pull it out again two seconds later bc u forgot to look the first time or is it just me!?” – senior Cameron‏ Rozendaal / @cam22r

“Everyone is arguing if homecoming should be during football or basketball, but the obvious answer is golf.” -sophomore Zachary De Vries /‏ @VriesZach

Is it bad that I wanted to go to school today?” -senior Lawson Bruxvoort‏ / @lawbrux

“Iowa’s weather is around -10 and I still use a fan to sleep with…” -junior Maddy Crile / @maddycrile

“Forgot it was a Monday until I dropped my sports bra in the toilet before my basketball game… -junior Chloe Morgan / @chlo_morg

“Today, the McDonalds’ worker knew my order. Mom, dad…I made it. I finally made it” -senior Claire Milligan / @ClaireMillyyy

“Can I just hire someone to walk around with me everywhere and take cool cool photos of me.” junior Maximilian Wichhart‏ / @MaxWchhart

“Some of my friends had a sleepover, and I couldn’t come so they FaceTimed me just so I could kinda be there with them. Like what did I do to deserve such good friends????” – sophomore Adrienne Vander Molen / @advandermolen

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