Bathroom permission not a negotiable issue

Lucas Bandstra

In a recent survey, almost 60% of PC students said a teacher has not allowed them to use the bathroom during class when they asked to go. This topic may seem a bit odd, but it is a problem many students can relate to. All students tend to know which teachers are the ones who rarely allow their students to exit class to use the restroom, and two teachers seemed to be major “no bathroom” outliers.

Over 100 students responded to the question: “Is it wrong if teachers won’t let you use the bathroom?” Every single answer stated that students should be allowed to use the restroom whenever they asked during class. “We should definitely be able to go potty if we have to! This isn’t gradeschool. Treat us with some respect and let us go when nature calls,” said a senior.

Another student agrees that bathroom rights may sometimes be abused, but that’s no excuse to not let students go. “I feel that some students may abuse their bathroom rights, however, that is no excuse for teachers to stop students from being able to use the restroom when they do need to. If a student really needs to use the restroom, they won’t learn anything staying in class. Five minutes of material is worth missing so that a student can focus through the rest of the class,” said a senior.

Some students can see where the teachers are coming from as well; however, there are no breaks in the afternoon, so teachers should be more lenient during that time of day. “I believe that if there was break or lunch before the class then it is okay for the teachers to not let us go to the bathroom, because we could’ve done it then. But if it is in periods 6-8 then I believe that it is appropriate for them to go,” stated a sophomore.

Also at PC, when a student does use the restroom during class or study hall, teachers often take their phones. Some students challenged the rule, whereas others were completely fine with it. “I think they should worry more about some students vaping in the bathroom rather than being on their phone,” said a junior. Another student didn’t care if they take his phone saying, “just let me do my business.”

As a senior at PC, I know by now which teachers will and won’t let me use the bathroom, so now I try to arrange my “bathroom schedule” around them. However, I do believe students should be able to go to the bathroom whenever. We are all high schoolers and should be trusted enough to do that.


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