Spring Play set for March 22-23

by Brooke Gustafson/brogust21@pceagles

This year, PC students are going to perform Murders in the Heir, an audience interactive play about a murder case. for their spring play on March 22 and 23 at 7:00. Almost 20 students acting out the roles of family, staff and crime investigators. Each character will be given a specific weapon and an opportunity to commit a murder.  

The audience gets to decide who is guilty during intermission. “I think the audience will like that they are able to choose who dies,” said freshman Trent Van Gilst, who plays Simon Starkweather, Sr.

Along with Van Gilst, juniors Emily Van Beek and Mason Donelson, and seniors Tyler Egesdal and Lindsay Breon will be lead roles. Though the setting is dark and gloomy, this play is not like all mysteries, since the characters add a humorous twist to the plot.

Humor is part of the reason director Marlo Van Peursem chose this play. “I like to alternate between serious and comedy and this one should be a lot of fun for the audience,” he said.  

Like most productions, this springs play has its share of stress. The actors are having to control their butterflies. “I do not want to mess up any cues when calling the show. That is always nerve-racking for me,” said senior production coordinator Taryn Hugen.

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