Emus run wild in U.S. neighborhoods

by Abbie Altena


Several emus, large flightless birds that can grow up to 6 feet tall and run up to 30 miles per hour, have recently been running loose in several United States neighborhoods.

A loose emu was found wandering a neighborhood  just outside of Dover, Pennsylvania. The man who spotted the bird said that he watched the bird cross the street and scare a couple of horses in a pasture and wander to his neighbor’s house where the neighbor was doing yard work.

The York county police were contacted and showed up at the scene to capture the bird. After capturing the bird, it proceeded to loosen itself and took off running. The police have had no reports of missing emus and think that it may have been abandoned by a previous resident in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile outside of Clanton, Alabama, an emu escaped from the Serenity Animal Farm and was loose for 12 days. The emu was seen several times in the 12 days, but did not want to be captured.

After a sighting in a nearby pasture, the owner of the emu quickly arrived and was able to capture the bird by placing a sock over the bird’s head. The owner was relieved to have caught the bird before her eggs hatched.

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