Variety of destinations visited during spring break

by Sienna Attema

During spring break, 60 percent of students traveled while the others relaxed at home. Of those who traveled, 40 percent of the students went somewhere warm, with 30 percent visiting family or friends. The Caribbean, Florida, and California were some hot spots for spring break vacations. “I liked when we went to Myre woods and a did a drive along a beautiful coastline,” said freshman Lydia Zylstra.

Staff members as well as students enjoyed their week-long break. “I wasn’t looking for exciting; I was wanting relaxation and I got it! Lounging by the pool, walking the beach, eating out at cool local dives and dolphin watching were my favorite parts,” said secretary Penne Fox

Other popular places were Colorado, Minnesota, and somewhere in Iowa. “I got to go rock climbing in the Garden of the Gods. It had some amazing views and it was really fun. We also got stuck in a huge blizzard for two days. One day we were stuck in our car and the next we spent in a church,” said sophomore Brayton Juffer.

Despite staying home for spring break, junior Keean Cadwell enjoyed an excursion to his refrigerator. “I walked down an unruly amount of stairs from my bed room to my kitchen. (Like 20) then from there I went all the way from my dining room table to my glorious fridge. Once I got to the fridge the hunt was on to find any usable resources. Finally after what seemed like hours I found a few slices of leftover pizza from the night before. I was overjoyed. I snatched up the glorious sausage and pepperoni heaven slices and put them in the microwave. After they were heated up I gazed upon there glory and shed a tear and the sincere beauty of the warm but still somehow cold pizza, and took a bite. My mouth filled with colorful sensations that cannot be described by the human language. Then I threw my plate away and went back to bed,” said Cadwell.

While most students enjoyed their spring break, others did not have a good time. “My spring break was trash. I worked everyday while all my friends were gone having tons of fun with their families,” said junior Emerson Sarver.

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