Brackets rise and fall as NCAA tournament continues

Lucas Bandstra

March Madness. A month full of buzzer-beaters, broken brackets, and secretly watching games in class and at work. However this March at PC is different from ones in the past because this year, everyone at PC was invited into all of the madness.

Over 120 students and teachers filled out an online NCAA tournament bracket in the PCHS group competition. At the end, the winner receives $50… and bragging rights of course. On the wall in the commons is a massive tournament bracket, which is updated daily. The standings are also posted next to the bracket as well. “Doing fun competitions like this bring the whole school together, and I love it. I love talking about the games before class and in the hallways. It’s what march madness is all about!” said vice principal Greg Wojczynski.

The leaders after the first weekend were senior Jake Pringle, science teacher Greg Beekhuizen, and senior Jaydon Vande Noord. None of the senior boys were surprised to see Jake Pringle sitting at the top of the list. “Jake is in first? I’m not even surprised, he is literally the luckiest person ever,” said one senior. “I’m coming for that $50. Gonzaga is going to win it all,” said Pringle.

Unfortunately that statement did not age well for poor Jake, as Gonzaga lost in the second weekend of the tournament. Now, heading into the last weekend of Final Four and Championship games, junior Lizzy Posthuma is in first, followed by Pringle, Beekhuizen, junior Devin Haveman, and sophomore Bailey Roose.

Posthuma has three of the four Final Four correct, with Michigan State, Texas Tech, and Virginia. She picked the Michigan State Spartans to win it all. Once again, not much logic seemed to go into her success. “I guess I just got kind of lucky this time,” she said.

The Final Four games will be played on Saturday, April 6. Then on Monday, April 8 the Championship game will be played, but more importantly, the winner of PC’s first March Madness contest will be crowned.

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