‘Dancing in the Rain’ theme for this year’s JSB

by Mary Kate Bandstra / marband19@pceagles.org

A night of pictures, dinner, dancing, dessert, and after party fun was enjoyed by all at the annual Junior Senior Banquet this past weekend. The theme “Dancing in the Rain” was accompanied by a gym decorated full of colorful umbrellas, raindrops, light up clouds, and tropical fruit. A beautiful evening allowed pictures, the driving of antique cars, and the walk-in to go smoothly. “I felt like the night went as planned!! Setting up for it was more intense than I expected because tying all 150 umbrellas to the ceiling took some time, but we all had fun going up the lift and working together!” said junior Morgan Bush.

Head cook Bonnie Van Wyngarden and crew made a delicious dinner of prime rib, mashed potatoes, salad, a roll, and green beans with desserts like cookies and cheesecake as well. After dinner, the banquet attendees headed to the auditorium for a time of entertainment, emceed by juniors Max Wichart and Colby De Vries.

Fun couple games, skits, and commentary were hosted and brought laughter amongst the crowd. The entertainment ended with the entire crowd singing the Beatles’ song “Hey Jude,”  led by the emcees. Back in the gym, senior DJs Noah Treimer and Moises Carballo led the dancing while the commons was full of games like Jenga, ping pong and ladder golf for kids to play.

The fun didn’t stop there! With the after party theme of  “Game Night” at the grade school, parents led games aplenty for students to win tickets and get prizes. Bean bag toss, football bowling, mini golf, skee ball, and ping pong were among the games played and prized. Games shows like Family Feud and Lets Make a Deal were also played by attendees as all of kids watched. Strawberry smoothies, mochi ice cream, pizza, cupcakes, and a chocolate fountain were enjoyed into the late hours of the night. The after party got over at 2:30AM, and another successful JSB had ended. “The JSB night is a great opportunity to see everyone that we see everyday at school all dressed up and looking nice! It was a fun time going crazy on the dance floor with friends, and just getting to have fun with everyone,” said junior Sierra Pleima.


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