Five PC musicians selected as ‘Outstanding Performer’ at Solo and Ensemble

by Kaylee Bandstra/

Sixty-six band and twenty-eight choir students recently performed at the State Music Festival and received nothing less than a superior or excellent rating on Saturday, March 30.  Five musicians were selected as ‘the event of the day’ at their center and will perform at the Outstanding Performers Recital at Iowa State in early May: senior Jaed Van Maanen with a tuba solo and senior Tyler Egesdal, juniors Colby De Vries and Braden Meinders, and sophomore Carson Breon with a  vocal ensemble. Van Maanen’s tuba solo was titled, “Four Paintings by Grant Wood” and “Movement IV: Parson Weem’s Fable by Barbara York.” The piece sung by the quartet was “Prayers of the Children.”

The musicians worked hard in order to get this special acknowledgement and had fun while doing so. “I enjoyed how talented each member of our vocal quartet was and how we all were so synchronized. It felt really good to get this recognition for all the work we put into this piece,” said Egesdal.

Even though they excelled during their musical performances, all of the musicians have room to improve before they perform again in May. “I will be working to improve the clarity of my sound on the high notes, as well as articulating the fast sections, which is very difficult on a big instrument like the tuba,”  said Van Maanen.

Choir director Tim Van Voorst and band director Shannon Dykstra are proud of all the hard work their students have accomplished, especially since the majority of music performed were advanced pieces. “PC students performed music literature that is in the advanced difficulty level and topped it off with superior musicianship,” said Dykstra.

The band performances received 18 superior ratings and six excellent ratings. The vocal performances received 12 superior ratings and five excellent ratings. “I’m so proud of the hard work each of the vocal students put in to learning their music and developing their vocal technique,” commented Van Voorst. “It’s a joy to watch students grow musically through the preparation and performing of solo and small ensemble literature.”


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