Mathletes take part in LHC competition

by Austin Dart /

     Sixteen PC students, led by former math teacher Lee Zondervan, headed to Central College to participate in the LHC math competition Wednesday, April 10. The group of “mathletes” worked hard, but as a school, PC did not bring home any rewards. Despite this, the seniors were first in their age group.

     The students took an hour-long math test and played multiple games which involved the use of their mathematical ability, and they also learned important life lessons. “We had a relay event where each answer relied on the previous one being correct, so we learned to depend on one another,” said senior Will Dembski.

     This event also brought other advantages. “It definitely helped in challenging my problem solving skills,” senior Brett Natelborg said. Junior Roger Gao said that the competition was helpful for him as a student by causing “more creative thinking.”

     The reason for sending the students goes further, however. “We send students to LHC math to recognize those who have excelled in mathematics. Another part of it is to challenge students who are gifted in mathematics. We also try to bring some joy with competition in math,” said math teacher Larry Hessing.

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