Four teachers leaving PC this year

by Austin Dart /

Four teachers are leaving PC at the end of this school year: band instructor Shannon Dykstra, industrial arts teacher Paul Monsma, art teacher Joseph Hoksbergen, and Spanish teacher Jason Noble.

Dykstra, having worked at PC for thirteen years, has enjoyed parental and community support that not all schools have. She has taught band for the entirety of her career at PC. Dykstra very much enjoys the students here as they work very hard. “Students are deeply involved and give 120% all the time.  I will deeply miss my students,” she said. Once she leaves, she will be working as a full-time teacher in Wichita, Kansas.

Monsma has taught a variety of classes at PC, ranging from welding to P.E. to mathematics. Teaching at PC has been a large part of his life, lasting over twenty years. Monsma sees the movement of God in the student body. “It is evident in so many students lives that they want to serve God.  Seeing all the service projects they go on to help others has been a great encouragement,” he said. Monsma hopes to build and remodel houses and spend more time with his wife once he leaves PC.

Hoksbergen has always had a passion for art, as well as a heart for his students. “Art is a major passion of mine and I struggle to relate to students who aren’t motivated. I have literally spent sleepless nights ruminating over how to ignite excitement in kids who are more apathetic toward art,” he said. Hoksbergen said his deep hope at PC was that “the students will engage in visual design as a way to glorify God, build community, and enrich life in His kingdom.” He said he has seen this fulfilled many times in many ways. After leaving, Hoksbergen plans to focus on his own business, freelancing in art and graphic design.

Noble has been a Spanish teacher at PC for eight out of his fifteen years teaching. He has also taught at Canton Community Christian in Georgia and the Ogden CSD in Iowa. Noble taught many classes, including 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade, Digital Literacy, English as a Second Language, and Spanish classes. At PC, Noble has come to enjoy students in his classes, among other things. “I love this school and the students, teachers, parents, and supporters. I love being able to teach Spanish and how it relates to the Gospel,” he said, although when he first started, he did face challenges. “The most challenging thing teaching at PC, like every school, is that it has a unique culture that I had to adapt to,” he said. Noble plans to be a missionary to Spain after leaving PC.

PC has filled all of these positions for next year except for a Spanish teacher. Because they are looking for a native speaker to fill Noble’s position, the process is more difficult. According to principal Dan Van Kooten, they have had some interested applicants and are conducting interviews.

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