What are students looking forward to most about summer?

by Sienna Attema


“Working with cows, showing cows, rebuilding engines, and football workouts.” -sophomore Ben De Boef


“Playing volleyball. All. Summer. Long. Iowa HP is coming up and I’m getting pumped!!!!” -junior Bradyn Zula


“Working at the highest quality grocery store this side of the Mississippi: Fareway.” -senior Brett Natelborg


“I look forward to tanning, no homework, no school, sleeping in, and catching humidity.” -sophomore Brooke Gustafson


“Baseball and getting to drive around with my friends…legally.” -freshman Caleb Belzer


“Staying out super late and having fun plans all the time. Also getting away from people 🙂 love you all.” -junior Emma Dunsbergen


“Setting up new Chromebooks.” -staff member Frank Vanden Bosch


“Working. Just kidding. Concerts. 3 of them. Hehe.” -senior Haley Albright


“Honestly… traveling. I am going to Peru in June, Phoenix in July, the Ozarks in July, then I will be working the State Fair for two weeks, so I will be on the go a lot this summer.” -junior Halie Vermillion


“I will spend as much (time) as possible on the couch, at Mary’s, Walmart, and McDonald’s. If you see me anywhere else, please call me because it’s probably my clone.” -senior Morgan Fopma


“I will spend most of my summer with my sister, doing a variety of things. I will also be spending lots of time on vacations with family or mission trips with my church.” -freshman Sarah Gritters


“I will block the musical, make a rehearsal schedule, spend time with my granddaughters, and go to Charlestown.” -teacher Marlo Van Peursem

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