Grandparent’s Day brings joy to generations

by Abbie Altena

Junior Sierra Pleima and her grandparents attend personal finance on Tuesday, April 23, during PC’s annual Grandparents Day. Over 175 grandparents attended the morning that started with chapel. Arnie Gritters, grandpa to Isaiah and Sarah Gritters, and Bev De Vries, grandma to Colby De Vries and Noah De Boef, shared a little bit of their stories and advice. Next grandparents were invited to either attend classes with their grandchildren or view various performances in the auditorium. Finally students and grandparents enjoyed lunch together.

StuCo adviser Brad Engbers felt that Grandparent’s Day went well.  “Grandparents seem to enjoy being part of the high school community for a day and seeing what goes on at our school every day.  Our (chapel) speakers/panel was not only entertaining, but also gave students a glimpse of what high school and growing up was like for their grandparents. God’s faithfulness was clear,” he said.

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