New Activities Viewed Positively

By Kaylee Bandstra/

This past school year has introduced many new activities that students hope to continue.  A recent survey showed that the majority of the student body enjoyed Chaos Day the most. Around 72% of students stated that the high school should carry on with these new activities.

Chaos Day was a big hit with students. They enjoyed the competitions, team building, and getting to interact with other grades. “We all got to participate and do something new that we’ve maybe haven’t done or even thought about doing,” said sophomore Rebecca Bassett.  “It got a lot of people excited and interested just thinking about the things we could do.”

The basketball season started out with Maroon Madness. The basketball teams were introduced and everyone present showed school spirit. “I loved having the whole student body there to support their basketball team,” said senior Brett Roose.

Pella Christian had its first tailgate right before a football game. The students ate hot dogs and got their faces painted, ready for cheering on the Eagles. They also participated in a school-wide NCAA bracket challenge. “I highly enjoyed competing in the Bracket Challenge with Mr. Beekhuizen,”  said senior Jaydon VandeNoord, “mainly because I was winning for a while.”

Male students could participate in Buff Ball, a volleyball tournament for guys from each grade. “I liked spending extra time with friends and competing with other students,” said sophomore Caden Van Dyke. “I am very competitive and love every kind of competition.”

The students also got the chance to see an early screening of Captain Marvel at Pella Cinemas, a day prior to its opening night. “I love that we were able to fill almost an entire theater with P.C.H.S. students and watch an amazing movie altogether! It was an amazing night,” said sophomore Alicia Van Kooten. Many students enjoyed watching the movie with their friends as opposed to many strangers.

Throughout the winter and fall sport seasons, students were able to receive free t-shirts to show off their Eagle pride. I liked the free T-shirts because it made our student section look great when we would all wear the same thing,” said sophomore Morgan Heinen. “Plus who doesn’t like free T-shirts?”

Students were also able to get text messages on any changes or cancellations. I liked the text notifications because I check my text messages more often than my email throughout my day or in the morning before school,” said junior Abbie Altena.

Another new aspect this year was a personal devotion written by teachers to be read on Friday mornings.I liked the teacher devotions because I think it helped us get to know our teachers better. I liked learning about their lives as well,” said senior Megan Eveland.

Overall, these new activities were enjoyed by students. “I really enjoyed a lot of the activities at school this year, and we should try to continue doing them,” said freshman Micah De Haan. “I think it was great that they incorporated the entire school and not just certain grades.”


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