Seniors meet at sunrise to start their last first day

by Sydney Hooyer /

As many students were rolling out of bed for their first day of school, approximately 60 of PC’s seniors gathered on the football field to make their last first day special. This school year was the first time Senior Sunrise took place after vice principal Greg Wojczynski suggested Pella Christian start the tradition. 

“Senior Sunrise is something we did at my previous school. The main reason was because one of our goals in StuCo was putting an emphasis on how we start the year off,” Wojczynski explained. 

The morning started at 7:00 with worship, led by senior Colby De Vries, and was followed by head PC football coach Rich Kacmarynski speaking on the importance of choice. Using many thoughtful analogies and comparisons, Kacmarynski offered hope to seniors who will soon make important college and career decisions. 

“Going to school on that first day as a senior hadn’t really set in until I heard his message,” said senior Zoey Nelson. “It definitely inspired me to be the best me possible this year and it comforted me knowing the Lord will be by my side.” 

Seniors ended the morning with a breakfast of donuts, fruit, and coffee that was provided by the senior’s parents. They also enjoyed fellowship with their classmates.  

“My favorite part of senior sunrise was definitely the breakfast! It was also super fun to see everyone and spend time with our class before we started our new year,” said senior Annika Terpstra.

After the last day of school, StuCo is planning on closing the year with Senior Sunset. The class is looking forward to having a final gathering before each individual goes their separate ways. 

 “I’m hoping to do something similar, where the students pick a speaker to talk to them on their final night of school together and have one last meal and fellowship together,” Wojczynski said. 

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