Leadership changes bring new student activities

by Abbie Altena


Excited to be more involved, StuCo has begun a new year with high hopes for promoting school involvement under new leadership. With 20 passionate students, advisor Trixianna Wang, and vice principal Greg Wojczynski, StuCo is eager to use its new executive team to bring more fun-filled activities to PC. 

When Mr. Engbers approached me about (his) stepping down and asked if I was willing to take over StuCo, it was a no brainer. I just love student life and student leadership,” said Wojcynzski, “Plus it gives me more reasons to be out of my office.” 

The newly formed executive team includes student positions of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, student life coordinator, service/outreach director, and social media and marketing director. These new leaders meet weekly to keep up with all the happenings at PC.

A goal of the executive team is to promote all activities at PC and bring in a lot more student engagement. “I am most excited about being more involved in many different aspects of school life, trying to promote games and concerts, and doing activities that haven’t been done before,” said StuCo president, senior Mason Donelson.

Some new activities in the works include TWIRP (The Woman Is Required To Pay) week, a possible movie night or laser tag, and new dress up days for major school events. “StuCo has many new ideas for this year. Most of them haven’t been set in stone yet, but we hope to do more themed dress up weeks leading up to large events  and incorporate more events similar to last year’s Chaos Day into our school year,” said junior StuCo member Tessa Brouwer.

Already this school year, StuCo has started bringing PC students together. They hosted a freshman orientation day, where new students and freshman had the opportunity to become more acclimated with PC. Also, on the first day of school teachers and students were welcomed by candy bags from StuCo. Finally, before the first home football game StuCo hosted a tailgate, where students enjoyed food, games, and music. “The tailgate was full of smiling faces and it seemed like everyone was having the best time!” said senior StuCo member Morgan Bush.

StuCo has high hopes to unify and increase fellowship among students in the coming year. “I love community events and things that bring our PC community out for something,” said Wojczynski.


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