Beekhuizen babies bring bliss

by Zoey Nelson /

Griffin (left) and Callan Beekhuizen were born August 2.

 With the new arrival of twins, science teacher Greg Beekhuizen’s family of five drastically changed overnight. Callan Prescott and Griffin Cole Beekhuizen were born mid morning on Friday, August 2. 

The excitement of just one baby on the way is enough to last a lifetime. Can you imagine the atmosphere when they found out that they were having twins? Their reaction was filled with glee, and nothing short of enthusiasm. During one of their routine ultrasounds, they got the news. However, it wasn’t from the doctor. Beekhuizen and his wife saw the extra bundle of joy on the screen even before the technician did! “I couldn’t stop laughing. I was in absolute shock. I didn’t know how to react,”  Beekhuizen said. 

You might think that the other kids would get jealous or exhibit challenging behavior, but they exude quite the opposite. Beekhuizen enjoys seeing the bigger kids’ love for the new siblings grow. “The other kids are doing great.  They are very helpful and always want to hold the babies,” he said.

Despite popular beliefs, the twins are rather easy to tell apart according to Beekhuizen. Callan is bigger and has a lot more hair, while Griffin is more easy going. He also commented about how life has changed, “The biggest struggle has been to find a routine and dealing with the craziness of back to school,” he said. 

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