New Spanish teacher spent semester in Spain

by Micah De Haan/

Moving, getting a new job, getting married, and going to Puerto Rico took up a lot of PC’s new Spanish teacher Marcus Zevenbergen’s time during the three weeks before school started.

Zevenbergen was a student at Dordt College up until a few months ago. In his time as a student there, he traveled all over the world. From Canada to Italy, Zevenbergen was almost constantly on the go. He enjoyed spending a full semester in Spain.  “I learned the most about the world and myself there, and it played a very significant role in my life,” says Zevenbergen. 

Zevenbergen didn’t always know that he wanted to be a Spanish teacher. “One of the toughest decisions I had to make was who I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do,” he said. He has wanted to be a teacher for his entire life, but up until recently he did not know what subject he wanted to teach. But when the opportunity to teach Spanish at PCHS arose, he couldn’t pass it up. 

Zevenbergen has other hobbies outside of school. He never really got into sports during high school, he still enjoys playing on his slow-pitch softball team. He also tries to find time to practice on the drum set but since he live in an apartment, his drum set is currently in a closet.  “Last summer I had some spare wood from a woodworking job, so I built a drum set, so my drums are handmade,” he said. 

His pet peeve should not be much of a problem for him, now that he lives in Pella. He hates it when people drive slow in the left lane.  “I lived in the Twin Cities a couple summers, and I’m a different person in traffic. I’m very short on patience.”

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