Hurricane Dorian leaves the Bahamas devastated

by Eric Bernhagen/

The rampage that tore through the Bahamas is over, and many have forgotten about the now historic storm. But for those whose children, siblings and parents were stripped away from them, the storm is far from over. 

According to USA Today, 50 of the dead have been found and accounted for in the Bahamas, but locals say that in reality, the number is much higher. “Thousands of homes and businesses were flooded and flattened two weeks ago when the storm blasted through the region as a Category 5 behemoth blamed for at least 50 deaths,” according to the USA Today website. Fox News reported that 1300 Bahamians are still missing. Individuals may never be found while family members are presumed dead.

In Florida, the coast suffered damage to beaches and towns while North and South Carolina saw severe flooding, downed trees, and demolished homes. Dorian made its way to Nova Scotia, Canada, where it caused similar damage. The Irish Times wrote that Halifax, a city located in Nova Scotia, endured a huge power outage. “Nova Scotia Power reported 380,000 customers were in the dark,” according to the Irish Times website.

The Weather Channel says the storm that would become Hurricane Dorian first traveled through the French region of Martinique, pouring relentless rain. As it passed the Virgin Islands and reached the Bahamas it had strengthened to a Category 5 hurricane. 

As 185 mph winds beat down on the islands, residents who decided to ride out the storm cowered in their houses, hoping Dorian would pass them by. But the storm nearly stood still, moving as slowly as 1 mph. The hurricane stayed in the Bahamas for almost two days, making sure it wiped out everything in sight. 

After the destruction had finally come to an end, the hurricane left to make a path along the edge of the southeastern United States and later the Atlantic coast of Canada. By the time it passed Canada and went out to sea, it had weakened considerably. 

The Bahamas, by far, received the most devastation. Hurricane Dorian may be over to the rest of the world, but the Bahamas will not forget as easily, because it has been changed by Dorian forever.


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