Depth strengthens Eagle football team

by Jared DeVries

As the football season nears its midpoint Coach Richard Kacmarynski has high hopes for the rest of the season. With a total of 65 players out for the team, 18 starters that are returning this season, and a large senior class, things are looking good for the PCHS varsity football team, according to Coach Kacmarynski.

The three senior captains are Levi Jungling, Sam Fredrickson, and David Kacmarynski. They recognize that the amount of experience on the team means that there are enough players that most of them only have to play on offense or defence. “I feel the team’s biggest strength this year is our depth.” said David. “We have enough athletes to play most of our team only one way without hurting our level of play on either side of the ball.”

Other players are also positive about the season. “I feel we are making amazing progress but still have a ways we can go,” said junior Kolton Chapman.

The team and coach also have a sincere reason for working so hard. “We have a goal to seek excellence and glorify God in all aspects of football,” said Coach Kacmarynski. “Our team is a hard-working team. We have prepared the old-fashioned way – Hard work!”

One of the challenges for the team is a change in lineup. Sophomore Nathan DeBruin is the new kicker and junior Treven Cadwell is the new long snapper. “Nathan DeBruin has been very consistent in the season so far and Treven has worked hard over the summer and done well,” said junior Sam Brouwer.

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