New band director hopes to bring glory to God

 by Lexie Matherly/

PC new band teacher Autumn Bennett hopes to use her students’ unique musical talents to bring glory to God and to minister God’s love to their world by performing, creating and interpreting music. 

Born and raised in Moline, Illinois, Bennett taught in Southwest Missouri for 10 years after graduating from Evangel Missouri and William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri. “Teaching at Pella is different in that PC is a Christian school and my job in Missouri was at a public school. I left Missouri to be closer to family and to further my professional career at an outstanding educational institution,“ said Bennett. She says that it’s fantastic to share her faith with the band students.

She knew in high school that she loved education and music.The first chapel that Bennett went to confirmed for her that PC was the right fit for her, and she is excited to be back where there is football, since she loves her sports. Bennett said that everybody at PC has been welcoming. “It has been a hard transition to have a new job, new state, new place of living, et cetera,” said Bennett. “Everyone has been so gracious, patient, and helpful. The staff, family, and community at large in Pella have been an absolute Godsend and has made my short time at Pella already feel like coming home!”

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