Opinions on border wall vary

by Kaylee Bandstra/ kayband21@pceagles.org

Talk of a  wall along the U.S. southern border been around since 2016, but only 2% of the border wall has been built since Trump’s inauguration, according to Newsweek. The Washington Post stated that the wall could take 10 years to build, and that’s an optimistic view. President Donald Trump’s plan, however, is to have the border wall completed by the 2020 elections, according to WashingtonPost. The big issue surrounding the wall is illegal immigration. President Trump declared the border situation a national emergency earlier this year.

In a recent survey, PC students and staff debated whether the wall is fair or unethical. Over 40% of students believe that the wall would be a good way to stop or slow illegal immigration, even though only 32% feel that would support a Christian worldview. 

A few students believe that there are additional solutions to the immigration problem. “There is nothing wrong with protecting our country,” said senior Colby De Vries. “I believe if we make it easier to move into the country legally then people will not be motivated to illegally come to our country.”

Another senior disagreed. “I don’t think it’s (the wall) necessary, so I don’t understand why we would spend a ton of money on it. Maybe it will stop illegal immigration, but these illegal immigrants are coming here for a reason–maybe it’s to seek asylum or start a new life, but I think we should welcome them even if they are illegal,” they said. 

One student noted that illegal immigrants arrive in the U.S. in a variety of ways. “Although a number of immigrants do come into the US by crossing the border, a lot of undocumented people come to the US illegally by overstaying a visa. A wall might stop some people, but there are still other ways of coming into the US,” one junior commented.

A big issue surrounding the border wall is who should pay. Even though almost 60% of students believe that U.S. taxpayers should pay for the wall, others disagree. “I honestly feel if it’s unfair to U.S. taxpayers who don’t support this,” said one senior. “However, illegal immigration is not okay, and yes, I do believe we need a immigration reform, but there are laws about it for a reason and if they are not being respected they must be enforced.” 

Almost 37% of students said that Mexico should pay, or help pay. “I think Mexico should help pay for the wall since they have not done much to slow illegal immigration to the United States,” said senior David Bernhagen.

Only 32% believe that building a border wall supports a Christian worldview.“God established nations, without borders you can’t have nations. Part of borders is being able to defend the border and keeping others out and keeping out the ‘chaos,’” stated sophomore Ben Fredricksen. “Without borders there’s chaos. If people come and go as they please, there is no separate governments and there is one world order which is Satanic. God established nations at the tower of Babel. Let’s keep it that way.” 

Others disagreed.  “Christians shouldn’t build walls.There are no walls in God’s kingdom,” one senior said. 

One staff member who believed the wall did not support a Christian worldview mentioned Bible verses from the Old and New Testament about caring for strangers and feeding the hungry. I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Matthew 25:35

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