Scandridge values fading trade skills

by Seth Van Gelder/

The Industrial Arts teacher Robert Scandridge has taken up a new position at PC teaching two sections of Woodworking II, Computer Drafting this semester, and Woodworking I and III next semester. Taking his days in stride, he has come to PCHS to teach students the valuable trade skills that are fading away, like learning new tools and managing space. 

He has been learning almost as much as the students, but he has said that the staff and students have been magnificent. “The experience thus far has been very positive,” said Scandridge. 

He began his journey in the small town of North English in SE Iowa. He graduated from English Valley School and went on to pursue college at Northeast Missouri State University which has now been rebranded as Truman State University. After his college experience, he taught industrial arts and coached sports at Sentral of Fenton. “Yes that is Sentral with an S,” said Scandridge. 

After his brief time there he married his wife Diana, who he has been with for 27 years. They have been blessed with 3 adult children: Payton, Cooper and Hailey. He then moved on to teach industrial arts, coach multiple sports and eventually became the athletic director at Lynnville-Sully High School. 

He is adjusting to the new tools he has found and the space management which has changed since his last position. He appreciates the respect students have been giving him and hopes the rest of the year flows with the same great momentum it started with. “I have found out once again that change is invigorating and is good for the soul,” said Scandridge.


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