PC football team united behind veteran players

by Piper King/pipking21@pceagles.org

The PC Eagle’s football season started with a record of 0-4. Close scores against Oskaloosa (22-29) and PCM (19-20) have the team full of hope for future games. “We stay motivated because we are close to being a great team. We have very successful plays sometimes. We just need to figure out how to put them together and eliminate mental mistakes,” said senior captain Dan Jungling.

Staying healthy is one challenge they are facing. “Our team has been challenged with lots of injuries, which we have had to overcome and will have to keep overcoming throughout the season,” stated Jungling.

Lack of experience is another challenge. “We have a lot of young players that are still getting used to their roles,” senior captain Jase Amelse said. 

Head coach Rich Kacmarynski, however, has confidence in his veteran players. “Some of the team’s greatest strengths are an experienced quarterback and running backs, offensive line, and linebackers,” said Kacmarynski.

Team unity remains strong in spite of challenges. “I believe the team’s biggest strength is the brotherhood that you become a part of when you play football,” states Amelse.

PC’s game tonight is at Woodward Academy at 7:00 p.m. Next Friday, Oct. 4, they play at home against Pleasantville.

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