New Chromebooks holding up better than past years

by Caleb Belzer/

Every three years PCHS gets new devices for their students. The staff is hoping that this year the Chromebooks are more durable than previous years. “They are built specifically for school environments on the outside,” stated technology coordinator Frank Vanden Bosch. 

Throughout the last few semesters, many Chromebooks were broken. But this year is already doing better than past years. “In terms of hardware, they are off to a great start,” said Vanden Bosch. 

From a recent survey, 47% of students said that the Chromebooks were an improvement compared to last year. “They have a longer battery life, more user-friendly, not falling apart because they are brand new,” said sophomore Marie Johnson.

Almost as many students are saying that they are truly no different from previous years. “It’s literally the same but with a prettier look. It’s almost as if they just changed the date on an expired milk just to make it look new again,” said junior Alex Steen.

Freshmen and sophomores also got new cases for their computers as a “test,” as Vanden Bosch calls it. “Since we like to use high school kids as experiments,” said Vanden Bosch, “we will compare the devices between the grades after the first semester/first year of use.”

The students who have the cases have mixed opinions about them. Around 65% of students say they are a burden because they are annoying to carry around and all the cases are the same so they cannot find their own. “I think they are a bad idea because people leave their cases places they forget about them, and sometimes people switch cases with other people because they don’t know which case is theirs,” said sophomore Drew Geetings, “I also think that they are just unnecessary because they really don’t provide any more protection than using your backpack to store them away.” 

But others say they don’t mind the cases and they get the job done. “I like that they protect the Chromebook,” said freshman Avery Verhoef. “I like the bags that we use to carry them around in, because they are a great size and they make it easy to carry it around everywhere.”

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