PC welcomes new transfer students

by Morgan Bush / morbush20@pceagles.org

Three upperclassmen from West Marshall, Knoxville, and Ottumwa Christian joined PC this semester: senior David Willis, junior Piper King, and sophomore Trey Sword.

King was looking to change things up by changing schools.“I transferred to PC because the education program was a lot better. I was also ready to make some new friends and get closer in my relationship with God,” said King. 

The students have appreciated meeting new “cool” people.“I think my favorite part about PC is how nice everyone is and that this school actually has air conditioning,” said Willis.

The technology at PC has been new to some. “The most challenging part probably has been getting used to everything being on the computer because I was pretty used to just pencil and paper,” said Sword. Pella Christian has a hand full of students who do not live in town. That has been a bit of a challenge for him as well. “I live in Ottumwa so the distance is a little rough but I can handle it,” said Sword. 

King had to adjust to the new schedule and the number of assignments. “I get a lot more homework here. The schedule is also different. In Knoxville we had 4 blocks a day, here we have 8 periods. I also feel more involved here than I ever did at Knoxville,” she said. 

The biggest change for Willis is hearing about faith in his classes.”I think the biggest difference is obviously going from a public school to a private Christian school and how the teachers try to implement God’s word into the curriculum,” he said.

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