Pink Out cancer awareness event supports Haveman

by Morgan Bush/

Every year in the month of October, PC hosts a Pink Out football game. Since October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month it is a chance for the PC fans and players to show their support for anyone going through or who have conquered cancer. This year is different for the PC family as one of our own teachers, librarian Sheri Haveman, was diagnosed with breast cancer on August 16. 

According to Haveman, her treatment plan includes completing 4 months of chemotherapy, followed by surgery, and then 6 weeks of radiation.  “By May, I should be mostly finished–just be on hormone therapy medication for several years or more,” she said.

She feels amazed, thankful, humbled and greatly encouraged by the Pink Out event. “I don’t know who organized it, but I want to thank them and everyone who is participating. I am incredibly blessed to be part of this amazing community at PCHS,”she said. “It will be a very emotional night as the support that I have received has been tremendous.”

  People have done many things to support her including offering encouraging words, bringing meals for them, giving physical and monetary gifts to bless them, covering many of her responsibilities at school. “PCHS teachers are the best, and most of all, people are praying, which is very evident to me and my doctors,” she said.

Haveman says the best way to support someone with Cancer is to pray for them, pray with them, and let them know you are praying for them. “Other than that, I think my advice is to not treat someone with cancer differently or shy away from conversation. Simply talk to them like you normally did, but let them dictate whether they would prefer to discuss cancer or would rather have a normal conversation about everyday life. Being a quality listener is always appreciated,” she said. 

Cancer awareness month has a different meaning for Haveman this year compared to past years. “I have experienced family and friends who had cancer, but it is odd being the one going to all the appointments and trying to adjust schedules, etc.,” She said. “Being on the receiving end this year is tough, but I am very thankful people care and have been so helpful.  I don’t know how to thank everyone, so let me say, ‘Thank you very much.’”


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