Students identify favorite classes, teachers, most useful subjects

by Kelly Van Wyk/

According to a recent survey World History, Woodworking, and Persona Finance are some of the most enjoyed classes that are taught at Pella Christain High School. Students enjoy classes because of the teachers, the environment, or maybe because of how simple the class is. 

Some students enjoy classes because of how skilled they are at that subject.“My favorite class is Chemistry because it was my best grade,” said senior Davis Montgomery 

The loose environment in classes is beneficial to many students. One class with a free environment is Chapel Planning.  “Who wouldn’t want to have a laid back class, have an extra study hall, and sometimes maybe play a guitar, ” said senior Annaliese Admiral.

Some students simply cannot decide which aspect of school they like the most.  “My favorite class is study hall, Algebra II, Intro to Lit, Physical Science, World History, and Spanish not in that order – I really like learning.” said freshman Leah Osborn. 

Along with favorite classes, favorite teachers come in a wide variety. Almost every single one of PC’s teachers was listed as a student’s favorite. Many students highlight the benefits of a laid back classroom environment. One of the front runners is history teacher Dan Vermeer. “He is very kind and he cares about his students. He is also very understanding to what life is like for high schoolers, and he makes his classes exciting and entertaining.” said sophomore Marie Johnson.

Another teacher who stands out is science teacher Greg Beekhuizen.“I would say he is my favorite because he makes his class fun. I also like the way he teaches because it allows me to have a better understanding of my work,” said senior Maddy Crile.

 Many students value classes that have real-world values in them like Personal Finance. “This class showed me how to invest and be financially secure for the rest of my life,” said senior Ethan Natelborg.

 Some students think that the most useful classes are the ones that teach hard work and honesty.“Math classes are the most useful, because there is a lot of homework which teaches you to have a good work ethic,” said sophomore Jack Vos.

 While all classes have some sort of value in students’ lives, some are not as appreciated as others. Many students said that their hardest class was biology or a math class. “I love (biology teacher Audra) Faber–don’t get me wrong that woman is an amazing teacher and I love her dearly–but her class was the end of me,” said junior Avery Baugh “I’m sorry but like nature is not my thing. I just can’t with bugs, and making babies and other stuff.” 

Other students don’t enjoy classes simply because they are hard to understand.“Math  is hard and doesn’t make sense. I don’t feel like I’m ever going to need that stuff in life.” said sophomore Bennet Spronk.

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