Fun and games bring chaos to student body

by Zoey Nelson/

From students and teachers drenched in purple paint chanting “I am inevitable,” to boys and girls cringing as they frantically pass cow tongues, and of course the inescapable chance of rain, Chaos Day was certainly one to remember. What better way to spend a Thursday afternoon? Each student was split into their D-group and assigned to one of eight teams, all decked out in a superhero theme. 

Black Panther team works hard at tug of war

Games like the cow tongue relay, can-can and row boat pass had students in a frenzy. “Chaos Day was going well until I had to touch that cow tongue. It was disgusting,” commented Junior Zach De Vries.

Student Council advisor Greg Wojczynski certainly brought the chaos last year when PCHS had its first ever Chaos Day. “I’ve been doing something along these lines for the past 8 years at various schools that I have been at and adapting for each one,” said Wojczynski. “I just like fun, big community events that the school can do. I wanted to make games that aren’t the most crazy physical, yet fun that everyone can do. It’s a fun way to get the kids out of a classroom for the day and have fun as a school. It’s definitely a culture building thing,” 

This is the freshman’s first big chance to make an impression in the world of the upperclassmen, and they certainly did that. “My favorite part of chaos day was just the unity when the whole school came together and did something fun and exciting that everyone could do,” said freshman Avery Verhoef. 

  As one might think, planning such a frenzy is not a walk in the park. Despite this, Wojczynski took on the challenge. “We went through a series of Student Council meetings in which we decided the themes, what games we were going to play, and the resources we needed,” said senior Student Council president Mason Donelson. 

Chaos Day can easily be pegged as the student’s favorite day of the entire school year. “I definitely think we should keep doing Chaos Day, only because I want to see what the tenth anniversary will look like,” said junior Zach De Vries.

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