Chapel, D-groups focus on throughlines

by Nia Hoekstra /

Through lines, short, 2-word phrases that help students understand what a Christian is and how best to use their God-given gifts to praise him, are now being incorporated into chapels and D-groups.

The chapel planning team is looking forward to mixing new activities into chapels. “We will be doing some through lines in chapel.  Sometimes we ask speakers to speak on a specific through line. There are also a couple of chapels that the chapel planning committee is working on that are focused on through lines,” said chapel adviser Jodi De Vries.

Chapel planning is an elective led by De Vries and choir director Timothy Van Voorst. The class includes fourteen students that do many different important jobs. “Lots of the kids participate in the band or planning, but many help with the tech part and chapel bulletin board,” said senior Colby DeVries. 

Along with chapel, D-groups are also hoping to incorporate through lines into meetings. Many students appreciate going to D-groups because of the community aspect. “I like that individuals from different grades and friend groups can talk and get along without the feeling of social barriers,” said junior Alicia Van Kooten.

Although a number of people don’t know what through lines are, others don’t like them being incorporated into chapel at all. “It is not necessary. Through lines are designed to bring our academics together with the gospel. The gospel does not need through lines – the through lines need the gospel,” said one senior.

Others are excited about using through lines. “I honestly think it is a good way to apply what we are learning into something gospel related,” said junior Brooke Gustafson. 

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