IClub allows students to build relationships

by Jason Kim/jaskim20@pceagles.org

IClub is an extracurricular club of Iowa and international students. All students in the school are welcome to join monthly meetings and events. “IClub activities allow students to build relationships and learn from each other,” IClub sponsor Cindy Nikkel said. It is a great opportunity to educate about different cultures and to get to know each other more.

IClub has had two events so far this year. The Zula family hosted a kickoff party at their house. Students played volleyball, Can Can, Just Dance, outdoor ping pong, corn hole and enjoyed a fire pit last month.“That was really fun to play and get around by people outside of school bonfire was a great time to talk and share with each other. Even though there was not very many people, it was better to get to know each other,” senior Jocelyn Gritters said. IClub was also invited to watch the Central College play “Rumors” by a Central College Language Learner for French who was also the director and leader of the play.

There is an upcoming event on November 19 at The Dwelling Place B&B just outside of Pella. It is a good opportunity for American students to meet the people in our community who are from different cultures. For Christmas Eve, students visit homes of teachers to sing Christmas carols for them. Furthermore, they make their own Christmas cookies and participate in a white elephant gift exchange. Everyone is invited to join these activities.

Cuisine Night is one of the biggest events in the spring for IClub. This is a great chance to try various international foods. International students represent their culture and cook food from their homelands for the host families. Furthermore, more upcoming events are coming that American students and international students can participate in together. “It is really fun to know international students and their culture and their country that they came from. Making friends from different countries is an awesome experience,” IClub leader Nia Hoekstra said.

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