Evenhouse returns as head volleyball coach

by Kaitlin Berning


The current volleyball team  has complemented each other with faith and some pretty amazing talents. During the season, primarily 12 are on the team (some sophomores, juniors, and seniors) and each player has her set of strengths and weaknesses, but throughout the season so far many players said they felt refreshed from practices and “ready to go.”

This can be seen in their current record of 12-7, with victories over some big schools such as Ames, Marshalltown, and Indianola.

Something new for the team this year is returning coach John Evenhouse, who is back after a six year break. Many things have changed for him, but some things have stayed the same.“What changed for me is that I am no longer teaching,” Evenhouse said. “In 2010, I taught science and needed to get to school at about 6:30 AM every day. I found that to be difficult when I was in my 60’s and did not want my teaching to suffer, so I retired from volleyball. Now that I no longer teach, I have time to coach.”

Regardless of the different players, and atmosphere Evenhouse sees varsity practicing hard, yearning to win, and representing their school well.

Evenhouse has seen the team improve. “Our strength is our hitting attack,” he said. “Our weaknesses are fading away as we work on our serving and defense. Our setting has been good and we are getting some good blocks. All in all, we are improving.”

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