Eagle’s Cry tackles topic of mental health

The Eagle’s Cry staff recently published a center spread on the topic of mental health. All of the articles, artwork, and graphs can be found here:

Why do we need to talk about mental health?

by Sierra Pleima/sieplei20@pceagles.org

Our reasoning for including a mental health spread in the Eagle’s Cry is simple. How many of us know exactly what mental health is? We need to be more aware of it. We need to be able to talk about it . . . read more

Multiple resources available to students, families

by Sydney Hooyer/sydhooy20@pceagles.org

With mental illness awareness week starting October 6 and ending October 12, PC made it a goal to increase advocacy for mental health. They want to reduce the social stigma that often surrounds this topic and normalize people’s struggles with mental health . . . read more

Survey: Many students optimistic, others struggle with mental health

by Micah De Haan/micdeha22@pceagles.org

According to a recent survey, to which almost two-thirds of the PC student body responded, more than 40% of students said that they are happy most of the time and optimistic about life, but nearly 25% indicated . . . read more

How do you to promote or maintain good mental health?

by Micah De Haan/micdeha22@pceagles.org

“I look on the positive side of things, and when things don’t go as planned or get thrown off track I learn to adapt to those things and . . . read more

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