Cross Country team running strong

by Kathryn Van Tuyl

Beginning the year at the Central meet in Pella, the team PC cross country team took home an overall second place for the boys varsity team, with all seven varsity boys finishing in the top 20, and senior Grant Dunsbergen finishing in third place. With four returning girls and seven returning boys, the varsity teams expect great things.

“The boys team is quite deep and extremely talented. They should have a very competitive season,” said coach Jocelyn Meinders. “We should come home with some first place plaques this year and many medals. The boys team has the ability to get to state as a team this year if things work out in our favor.”

The girls make up what they lack in numbers with hard work.

“The girls team is not very deep this year, but the girls we have are extremely capable, so they should also be competitive, if they can all stay healthy,” said Meinders.

To get the outstanding results that they do, the team puts in hours of hard work, both in workouts and the lifting they do in the weightroom. In workouts such as mile repeats, hill workouts, and swim practices, the runners work on improving form and the basic quickness of their movements. While at the meets, the teams warm up by walking the course, jogging a mile, and stretching as a group. Some meets are more taxing than others.

“The Central course is definitely the most physically demanding race because it’s so hilly,” said senior captain Samuel Dahm. “However, Conference meet takes the most mental strength because of all the tough competition. We always have a lot of fun at the Chariton meet, because afterwards, we all run and jump in the lake.”

The team finds great value in friendships. In practices and meets, they work on bettering endurance, running form, and speed through workouts in practice, but in all things, practices, meets, and devotions, the team works on expanding their relationship with each other and God above all.

“I love becoming better friends with the underclassmen and developing even closer relationships with the people I already know,” said senior captain Chloe Dembski. “Everyone gets along really well and knows how to have a good time together.”

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