What do students like/dislike about fall?

by Abbie Altena/abbalte20@pceagles.org

“I have a very unpopular opinion. I think fall is the worst season, and here are my reasons: pumpkin spice everything, undecided weather, everything is dying, you’re bound to get sick, UGGS, corn and beans are being harvested which means allergies, basically winter is coming. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.”    -junior Angela Rooda


“I love the leaves!!!!”
-freshman Anna Eveland


“I like the cool crisp weather, the bonfires, football games, sun rising so late, just being outside in general in the evenings.”
-sophomore Ben Fredrickson


“I like harvest=easy money!”                                   -freshman Daniel De Bruin


“I haaaate raking leaves, like they’re pretty and all but it’s like taking care of shedding dog.”
-junior Ellie Brouwer


“The cold. That goes for a like and dislike because SWEATER WEATHER, but also I don’t like being cold. I really love the food too, warm yumminess that makes up for the chilly weather.” -senior Jocelyn Gritters


“I like how everything starts to slow down, it’s not too hot nor too cold, the colors go well with everything, the scents are awesome, and apple cider is more acceptable in fall than in summer.”
-junior Piper King


“What I dislike most about fall is the enviable onslaught of winter and thus seasonal depression.” -senior Tate Osborn


“The autumn is a beautiful time of year that is wonderful until the cold and allergies become unbearable.”
-junior Zach De Vries

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