June Area 51 raid successful

by Caleb Belzer/calbelz22@pceagles.org

The sensation that took over the Internet, the Area 51 Raid, turned out to be a success. Back in June, a Facebook post/petition suggested that people should raid a secret military base in Nevada (aka Area 51) on Sept. 20. But there are also many conspiracy theories going around about what is in Area 51. 

“Most famous is the claim that the site hosts an alien spacecraft and the bodies of its pilots, after they crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947,” stated the BBC website. “The US government says there were no aliens and the crashed craft was a weather balloon.” Without any real evidence that there is actually anything in Area 51, people are very curious. Some people  say there are aliens, some say there are UFOs but people mainly wanted to know why there is so much secrecy about what goes on in Southern` Nevada.

Because of the June Facebook post, people wanted somehow get into the military base to “See them aliens.” With over two million people signing the petition, people were ready to “Raid,” Area 51.  According to “The Guardian” neighborhoods braced for trouble after the millions of people responded to the Storm Area 51 Facebook post.

Not many thought that anyone would even show. With a crowd of around 40, some people walked away with publicity. At least that’s what they hoped to walk away with, that and some aliens. Most of those that showed up in Nevada were YouTubers that were hoping to make a video and become famous from the Area 51 raid. They truly came, came ironically and not really to find out about aliens. 

One thing that people thought would get them noticed by the media was called the “Naruto Run.” This is a TV show character that runs in a way with his body bent over and arms stretched out behind him. “If we Naruto Run, we can move faster than their bullets,” said fan on storming Area 51. This became a trend all over the internet and especially Reddit. Even before that, in June, when it all began, Reddit was the source for all the hype going towards “The Storm,” mainly through memes.

Those that did show up did not necessarily “storm” Area 51. It was more of a convention than a raid. People were dressed in alien costumes and holding up posters with phrases such as, “Save ET from the government,” and, “Clap alien cheeks.” With all the publicity in Nevada many news channels showed up for their own taste of Area 51.

One news broadcaster was live on the air when he was photobombed by an Area 51 stormer that Naruto-ran behind him. Elia Elixir instantly became internet famous and one of Reddit’s “heroes.” Later that day, he was interviewed by the same man he photobombed, and people began to love him more and more. But today, almost a month has already passed and most people don’t think about the Area 51 raid. But some will never forget September 20.

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