Is going off-campus for lunch a good option for PC seniors?

by Kaylee Bandstra/

As students look towards their future, teenagers want more freedom. One freedom that could be given to them is an open campus lunch. However, open campus lunches have their share of dangers.

Even in the safest of counties, it has been found that there is an increased risk of student deaths via car collisions. Students could be driving recklessly, endangering themselves and other drivers. There is also a risk of more fatalities if students overcrowd in a car and crash. A school in New York closed its open campus program after two students were killed in a car accident, according to

Teenagers are impulsive and could use this time to buy drugs, vapes, cigarettes, or alcohol.  The lunch prices of fast-food restaurants could cost more than the provided school lunches. Students may also not be getting all the vegetables and fruits they need which could lead to fatigue during after school practices.

Because of the open doors during the lunch periods, it would not be difficult for someone to bring a weapon onto school grounds, endangering students.

On the positive side, an open campus lunch could help students with real-world problems such as forming a budget and time management. Plus, everyone needs a breather, so an open campus lunch will help students relieve stress.

Some schools offer the chance of off-campus lunches as a reward to their high achieving upper-classmen. 

Pella Christian offered seniors an experience of an off-campus lunch on Friday, Oct. 4. “First, we were approached by the PYC (Pella Youth Coalition) with the concept of free lunches for seniors,” said vice-principal Greg Wojczynski. “We thought this was a great opportunity for our seniors to be a part of so we allowed them to go.”  According to Wojczynski, the high school plans to offer more opportunities for seniors to go off campus to get lunch.

One senior stated that only three seniors went to the Pella Youth Coalition provided lunch and did not stay, because no one else was there. Other seniors went to various restaurants.

With a fair amount of positive and negative sides and the various personalities of students at PC, it is safe to say that an open campus lunch could be a good thing for some seniors. Our school should offer an open campus lunch to reward seniors, whether that is outstanding grades or good service. The reward method would be the best way to ensure the dependability of the students who decide to go off campus for lunch.

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