Boys basketball season begins

by Austin Dart /

PC’s varsity boys basketball team of 14 players started practicing November 18 in preparation for their first game against ADM on December 3.

Like every season, tough competition could be a struggle to overcome. “I think our biggest challenge is the fact that we are in the Little Hawkeye Conference. We are the smallest team in the conference and the LHC has the top two players in the state – Xavier Foster and Bowen Born,” said senior Ryan Vande Haar.

Others believe team health could be hard to maintain. “I foresee challenges with staying healthy as we have been plagued with injuries in the past,” senior Isaiah Gritters said.

Despite these challenges, athletes have high hopes for the team this year. “We have the opportunity to be one of the top teams in the Little Hawkeye Conference and I also think we could be really successful in the playoffs,” said Vande Haar.

The boys believe they can perform very well by relying heavily on their familiarity with the sport. “A lot of the guys have played on varsity before, so we have experience on a higher level of play,” said Gritters.

Several players are already looking for a chance to play at state. “The goal for this season is winning it all and putting another banner in the gym,” said senior Keean Cadwell. 

Beyond the game of basketball, coaches want more for the athletes. “If there is one thing the players get from this season, I want them to know that they are loved, that they are valued beyond basketball, and that each is uniquely gifted to serve others,” said head coach Larry Hessing.

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