Girls basketball team excited for season

by Morgan Bush/

The Eagles girls basketball team is excited for the season, in spite of their initial 0-3 record. “I am looking forward to getting better as a team and creating new relationships,” said senior Kara Van Wyk. 

There are five returning varsity players for this upcoming season. “Even though we don’t have many experienced varsity players, we work well together which is key to winning games,” said Van Wyk.

Head coach Brad Engbers has several team goals. “Our number one goal is to enjoy being around each other and have some fun. Of course we want to be competitive, and we will be, but there is a lot more to playing high school sports than championship,” he said. “Another one of our goals is to show resilience and a positive outlook and attitude regardless of the circumstances.”

With only nine girls this year, the team needs everyone throughout the season. “We want to make sure everyone stays healthy,” said senior Chloe Morgan. 

This has become a challenge for the team but they are continuing to make the best of it. “We are suddenly not as deep as we had hoped to be, so we can’t afford to have any injuries or illness this season.  On the positive side….everyone is going to get to/need to play!” said Engbers.

Last year, junior Allison Van Gorp earned 1st team All Conference Honors, and junior Avery Baugh and senior Chloe Morgan both have two years of varsity experience. It is important to have seniors guiding the team in a positive direction. “(Senior) Adrie Fransman returns from a tough injury last year, and both she and (senior) Kara Van Wyk provide solid leadership and model work ethic for younger players,” said Engbers. 

The Eagles biggest rival is the Lady Dutch, who they play tomorrow night at Pella. “Of course we always look forward to the Pella game,” said Engbers, “The atmosphere that our community creates around that game is positive and fun!” 

They enjoy playing Pella because they are friends with the girls and they have a fun time, even though there is a friendly rivalry. “It’s always a good feeling when you beat the 3A team across town,” said Van Wyk. 


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