Winter brings delights, challenges

The Eagle’s Cry team recently published a center spread over the student body’s thoughts toward the winter months. Here, you can find all the information from the center spread.

Students share winter driving challenges

by Kaylee Bandstra /

Putting a teenager behind the wheel is enough to keep parents on edge, but what happens when inexperienced driving meets the harsh Iowa winters? In a recent survey,  22% of students and staff said . . . read more

Holiday movie releases to watch for

by Levi Schelhaas /

From Christmas movies to the new murder mysteries and musicals, watching movies is a popular pastime for students during winter.  Viewers have many options both in theatres and at home, with new viewing platforms like Disney Plus, and originals like Netflix and Hallmark . . . read more

What are your Christmas traditions?

by Annika Terpstra /

“I typically invite my dog’s sister’s owner’s 3rd cousin over. He is from Ukraine and speaks very little English. Despite the language barrier . . . read more

Best, worst, overrated, and underrated winter activities

by Kelly Van Wyk  /

With the recent snowfall and cold weather; people may question what to do during the holidays. Board games, card games, or video games seem to be the most favored activities to do during the winter months. Other activities include . . . read more

Winter Favorites

by Annika Terpstra /

Favorite drinks, foods, and more . . . read here

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