Documentary features 1990 undefeated, State Champion boys basketball team

by Nia Hoekstra/

The undefeated and state champion boys basketball season in 1990 inspired a documentary to come out for the thirtieth anniversary. Leading the project was athletic director Dan Branderhorst and 1990 graduate and team member Jeff Verhoef, who now works in video production at Dow Corporation in Michigan. Making the documentary took around ten months and a lot of planning to complete.

Players and coaches from the team met with video editors to recount the events of their incredible season. In the end, Verhoef had over 40 hours of interviews and over 20 hours of game footage that he edited to form a one-hour documentary.

Verhoef was involved in photography and videography when he was at PC. “I was one of the sports videographers while in high school, and it’s where I found my passion for video production. I’ve been wanting to do this documentary since the 25-year anniversary, but didn’t really know where to start,” he said. He worked together with Ryan “Woody” Klyn and other members of the team to find memorabilia and video footage of games. 

The documentary was well received by around 425 people that attended it’s premiere in PC’s Vermeer Auditorium on Jan. 16. “It was a great reunion for the team – it was the first time in 30 years that all of them were together again, and I am so happy that I was able to help that happen,” said Verhoef.

You can view the one-hour documentary here.

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